Barcode Labels And Stickers

 Plenum info Sys supplies of high quality labels as required by the specifications of the customers on different materials such as Chromo, Mirror Coat, TT2C and Polyester

 We supply various kinds of labels & stickers of the following types:-

  • Plain and Pre-printed Barcode Labels in Roll Form.

 • Multi Color printed Labels in Roll Form.

Speciality Labels

We are one of the leading supplier  of specialty labels such as : 

High Temperature labels: These labels can withstand a temperature in the range of 80°C to 200°C. Such labels are mainly used special applications .

Tamper-evident Labels: These labels are very useful where tampering is to be detected or the warranty of the product becomes void if tampered with. When somebody tries to remove the " Warranty Void " Label on the product, the label gets destroyed in small pieces and some of the pieces remain on the product, which in turn indicates that the product is tampered with. These labels are mostly made up of Ultra Destructible Vinyl material.

We supply UL approved , ROHS Compliant Labels to Various industries 

Metal Tags for Asset tracking

We study the Process and suggest proper label for Specific applications