Asset Management



“Fixed Assets” in your business include Machines ,computers, desks, chairs, phones, laptops, monitors - any other furniture or equipment used by a business. Typically a business takes inventory of their fixed assets once or twice a year, and it’s often a tedious process. Barcoding allows the item location to be easily updated if they are moved, and significantly speeds up the time to take an asset inventory.



One of the leading uses for bar code and RFID (radio frequency identification) in the enterprise is the tracking and management of assets. With a bar code system consisting of printers, scanners and labels, the process of cataloging and counting fixed assets is greatly streamlined. However with an automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solution featuring RFID, organizations can better track assets and people that are on the move, delivering a range of benefits from locating hard-to-find assets, monitoring the movements of staff or vehicles or even defining and refining complex workflows


Plenum infoSys. Delivers the latest hardware and software along with years of experience in constructing and implementing a variety of asset management solutions. Plenum info Sys takes asset tracking to the edge of your enterprise with solutions.Use a Hand held barcode reader to scan a location code, scan all the assets bar codes found at that location. 

Equipment required for Fixed Asset Tracking includes portable handheld terminals,  label printer and label printing software, the PC Workstation that retains the database and Asset Tracking Software.


Easily install and ready to use.

Streamlining fixed asset organization and record keeping saves time. 

Barcoding and handheld scanning support

Relaxation from calculating depreciation and tracking fixed assets