Inventory Management Solution


For a variety of companies, properly managing inventory can mean the difference between profit and loss. From stockrooms to warehouses, mobile computing like bar coding and RFID (radio frequency identification) can streamline inventory management from receiving to stock takes. With a quick scan of a bar code, inventory is instantly visible from the moment the delivery arrives and can be instantly reconciled with the order. The end result of this real-time and highly efficient process is that errors can be immediately addressed and out-of-stock situations can be avoided. With Motorola’s Inventory Management Solutions, manual inventory is a thing of the past and that means your inventory is more accurate.

Plenum info Sys specializes in designing and deploying inventory management solutions for a range of companies and applications. 


Staying well stocked with the supplies and products you need to run your operation helps you provide consistent service to your patrons, so they’ll keep coming back for more.

Eliminate errors and oversights resulting from managing your inventory manually

Increase staff productivity through the automation of time-consuming inventory management processes

Reduce costly out-of-stocks

Eliminate the cost of carrying surplus inventory by accurately tracking your current inventory and using historical data to forecast future inventory needs

Improve guest satisfaction by always having the items and ingredients your guests want available and proactively alerting them when the items are not available