Barcode Solutions

Plenum Info sys is a genuine domestic provider major in Barcode solutions like warehouse management system, inventory control systemsystem, Point of Sale, Work–in- Process Tracking, Shipping & Distribution, Transportation Logicsties and other relevant industries. We promise to offer customer and cooperative partner real-time.

Asset Management "Fixed Assets" in your business include Machines ,computers, desks, chairs, phones, laptops, monitors - any other furniture or equipment used by a business. Typically a business takes inventory of their fixed assets once or twice a year, and it's oft   more

Ware House Management Warehouse Management System helps boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times and increase customer satisfaction. A WMS system tracks all activity in a warehouse, from receiving through shipping.   more

Work in Process-Tracking Also known as "WIP Systems," these shop floor data collection systems are typically used whenever "work" (something that's being manufactured, fabricated, or repaired) travels between a number of workstations or departments.   more

Inventory Management solution For a variety of companies, properly managing inventory can mean the difference between profit and loss. From stockrooms to warehouses, mobile computing like bar coding and RFID (radio frequency identification) can streamline inventory management fro   more

Pick and Ship Real-time automatic delivery of electronic picking orders to a mobile device that includes a pick list along with the fastest route to the items   more

Hospital Management - Automation Extend mobility to the point of care and beyond with solutions that combine Motorola's world-class mobility products and healthcare software applications from our partners.   more